A Very Darling Evening at +COOP

Last week, at the stunning home décor and lifestyle store +COOP, we hosted an intimate event to give some friends of Darling a sneak preview of our upcoming Fall Capsule! It seems like just last week, we were launching our first collection of Darling apparel back on May 1st, and now suddenly, our next season has already arrived. 

It was such an honor to be able to partner with +COOP on such a fun event! Founded by Jenna Cooper, a luxury realtor in Los Angeles, +COOP was created as a space for design-driven members of the community to gather and connect with one another. We admire how intentionally the space has been designed and curated, welcoming each guest and customer into the store with its inviting selection.  

As guests arrived, they filtered in through the store, admiring different pieces of unique home décor displayed across +COOP’s tables and shelving, and were greeted by members of the Darling and +COOP team with glasses of wine courtesy of Friendly Noise. Everyone was drawn immediately to the stunning spread of charcuterie, crutidés, and cookies assembled by Sorella Collective, almost too beautiful to eat, but definitely too delectable to resist! 

Our Founder, Sarah Dubbeldam walked guests through the upcoming Fall line, our recent photoshoot in Paris, and how all 20 of the pieces work together to make over 60+ outfits. It was amazing to see everyone trying on all the pieces and gushing over them as much as we do! The message that the clothing carries, that we are all works of art, truly seemed to emanate from each guest as they came out from the fitting room in the new pieces. 

To really add a sparkle to the evening, the lovely Jennifer Sung brought permanent jewelry from her brand Gjenmi for our guests to take part in. The story behind the brand’s name is beautiful. “Gjen” the Korean spelling of the founder’s English name, meaning fair one, and “Mi” the shortened first half of her Korean birth name, “Mi Reh”, meaning future, come together as “the future is fair.” Jennifer’s vision for a future that is equitable and filled with beauty, and that this can be a reality even now guides her work through the brand as the founder and designer. It has been so special working with Gjenmi, and carrying Jennifer’s message with us through her permanent jewelry. 

We were so grateful to work with a few of our best-loved locally-based LA brands to celebrate the launch of our Fall Capsule!  

Friendly Noise is a tried-and-true favorite of ours. Founded and owned by Peter and Andrew, their wine is made to be enjoyed now and enjoyed by everyone. They are clean tasting, have no strong oak presence, are generally on the dry and fruity side of things, and overall, just delicious. 

Founded by sisters Shelby and Savannah, Sorella Collective stands for everything we at Darling love. Sorella (“sister” in Italian) Collective was built around the ideals of a communal experience. They believe that giving back to their community is the key to happiness, and take action by supporting local California businesses, farmers’ markets, and small farms to give their own customers the best quality possible. It was such a joy to work with them. We could absolutely live on their graze boards forever! 

As the evening came to a close, guest gathered their Darling gift bags with their new favorite pieces from the clothing collection, as well as pieces they couldn’t resist from +COOP! With each event we have, it’s so lovely to meet and connect with more of the Darling community over this new part of the brand. It means so much to us to have your support, and we are so excited for you to see what’s to come!